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Step One – collecting topics for the essay.
Collect all the topics for the essay and write them down. Start remembering examples from your life experience that can be summed up under these topics. Write everything that comes to mind. The following questions will help you concentrate:
-What did you do in the past holidays?
–What is your best day? Describe it.
-What has changed in your life in the past 4 years?
-Remember the most memorable moment with your relatives/ friends/teachers.
-What achievements are you proud of?
-What makes you unique?
Step 2 – we bring to perfection the list of topics.
It happens that everyone writes about the same thing. Your task is to stand out. Your essay should be original and different from the other. Make sure that what you write affects the original topics (usually write about travel, parents, sports). writer paper need to demonstrate a unique approach to the topic. Your idea should be supported by good examples or stories.
Step 3 – answer the questions, listening to yourself.
Be yourself. Do not think about what the reception team would like to see. Choose those topics that you can reveal and that are important to you. Express your ideas and share your experiences.
Start with an interesting introduction. You need to start the essay so that you want to read on. For example, you can start with the fact that you are afraid of the sound of weapons. Many will immediately realize that there will be a sequel to the war or that you have heard the sounds of shooting. You share the secret, talking about your phobia dentists. Remember only that the introduction should not be delayed, you have a limited scope of the essay.
Step 4 – check, overwrite.
Check the essay many times, ask for help from friends, relatives. You can write to the students of your chosen university and ask them to help, suggest ideas or amendments to your essay.
Step 5 – bring the essay to perfection.
To make sure that there are no mistakes and typos in the essay, there is a good technique – read the essay from the end. When you read from the end you do not concentrate on errors, and your focus is on words and writing. Check any words in the spelling of which you are not sure in the dictionary.

Read the words. If you are asked to write 500 words, do not write more than 10 – 20 words in excess of the established limit.