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MLA research paper example an abstract is the initial stage of preparation for writing more complex and meaningful works, such as course, diploma and others. Therefore, before each student or student, sooner or later the question arises – how to write an abstract.
Subjects can be offered by the teacher individually to students or students, or the writer paper can independently choose topics from the proposed list. If there is a possibility, then it is better to choose the topic of the essay yourself at your own discretion. In this case, your interest in disclosing the topic will be the basis for creating a good essay.
From a huge amount of information you need to be able to choose the main thing and at the same time keep within the allowed volume of the abstract, which should not exceed 20-25 pages of printed text. Therefore, it is very important to draw up a preliminary work plan and follow it clearly, without deviating from the topic. This will help to consistently and logically state the essence of the topic under study. Before you start working on the essay, check with the teacher:
-the theme of the work;
-it’s volume;
-registration of the work itself (title page, list of literature, application).

What does “good essay” mean in the understanding of a teacher who will evaluate your work? First, the topic should be fully disclosed within the scope of the abstract. Secondly, it must be formalized according to all rules of existing and approved requirements and written competently
The main part of the essay, carrying the semantic load of all work, is 70-80% of the total work and is divided into sections (or chapters), subsections (or paragraphs), paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Each chapter is numbered and starts with a new sheet. The title of the chapters is written with a capital letter. At the end of each title, there shouldn’t be any dot. To emphasize the title of chapters, as well as to shorten and transfer words from it is forbidden.
When writing an essay, clearly follow all the requirements for its design. This will help you avoid mistakes not only at the moment but also in the future when writing course papers or graduation papers. After all, the main task of the essay is to teach you to work independently with literature and other sources of information, while highlighting the main thing about it, as far as the topic under consideration is concerned. Sloppy, incorrect design of work is unacceptable.